Our vision

What is Eggworld

Eggworld is a collection of 5663 AI-enhanced utility eggies. Each eggie will come with a private discord membership, tickets to our weekly draw events, priority access to upcoming Eggworld drops, and everything else we are working on.

Check out our Whitepaper and join our discord for more information on Eggworld.


Unique design

We wanted to do something different with the Eggies collection than other PFPs projects, so all of our NFTs are generated at random by a private AI that uses pre-existing draws, shapes, colors, and backgrounds as inputs to create something new. This enabled us to create a collection with a wide range of cool and unique designs.


Community focused

One of Eggworld many goals is to bring together creators, collectors, and enthusiasts of NFTs to share, trade, and support each other's work. Our top priority will be to give back to long-term investors in a variety of ways (read our whitepaper for more informations).


Long term vision

We genuinely want to provide long-term value to our holders while constantly improving and building the future of Eggworld. We have been there since the early days of the Sui ecosystem and aren't planning on leaving. You can check our roadmap below for more informations about Eggworlds future.

Our Goals


A more detailed roadmap is available in our Whitepaper


Fundation phase

Community Build

The first step we wanted to achieve was building a strong and trusfully commmunity. We believe that it is the fundation to every succesfull NFT project. We've started building what will become Eggworld for several months now and we can't wait to show you all what we have planned!


Phase 0


By the end of February 2023, Eggworld will have entered the testnet phase. The testnet phase will last until the Sui mainnet is released; it will be divided into several phases: The reveal of the Eggies mint page and testnet mint, followed by the Eggies incubator page, and finally the launch of our future token $EGGW on the Sui testnet.


Phase 1

The Landing

The Landing marks the beginning of the Eggworld project on the Sui mainnet. It will begin with the minting of the Eggies a few days after the Sui mainnet release, followed by the launch of our incubating page and the $EGGW token on the mainnet, along with the unveiling of its numerous utilities.


Phase 2

The Hatching

The Hacthing will be the main phase of the Eggworld project. Most of the informations are kept secret for now but they will be revealed during the end of the phase 0 and beginning of the phase 1. Keep an eye on our discord if we piqued your interest.


Meet The Team


Seekn (co-founder)

Growth lead / UI Designer

Web3 marketer experienced with project growth and web design.
NFT collector since 2020.


Dante (co-founder)

Lead Developer

Blockchain and game developer specialized in rust, move and solidity.
P2E and DeFi enthusiast.



Server security expert / Discord technician



Lead Community Manager


Still have questions?

Q1.When is the mint?

Mint Date: May, 27th Time: Egglord: 3PM UTC, 0 $SUI, 1/wallet Egglist: 4PM UTC, 10 $SUI, 1/wallet Public: 5PM UTC, 15 $SUI , 5/wallet

Q2.How much is the mint?

25 $SUI for public phase (30$)

Q3. How to Mint?

1 - Make sure you have enough $SUI in your wallet
2 - Go to Bluemove
3 - Mint

Q4. What are Egg lords and Egglists?

Egg lords and Egglisted members will be able to mint during a private time window. Egg lords will also be able to mint one Eggie for free, whereas Egglisted members will be able to mint at a 50% discount.

Q5. How can I get Egglist/Egglord?

You can become an Egglord and obtain an Egglist through a variety of means, including discord games, twitter collabs, crew3, and more. Check our discord server #wl-roles-infos for all the informations.

Q6. When will the testnet phase take place?

The testnet phase will begin in February 2023; keep an eye on discord and twitter for updates.

Q7.Why are we building on Sui?

We believe that Sui will be at the top of the gaming/NFTs blockchain in the future due to the way nfts works on Sui combined to it's low fees, fast transactions and scalability. Go to the official Sui website for more informations.

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